Property Valuation

With the hiring of this service you can have in hand the accurate market value of your property for various purposes, such as the process of buying and selling, mortgage, asset valuation, bank financing, among others.

The preparation of the report is made in accordance with the following steps:

• Preliminary information: request and reception of documents from the evaluated, required to complete the work;

• Inspection of Property: visit by the Engineer / Architect on location where the property will be analyzed, and verification if any, of the physical characteristics of improvement (s);

• Market Research: data collection of real estate held in the region of assessed property, including property offered and / or traded;

• Preparation of the appraisal report.

They can also be applied to the following valuation methodologies, conditioned to the limitations that the housing market present throughout the work:

- Method of Comparative Market Analysis;
- Cost Approach Method;
- Income Method;
- Cash Flow Method;
- Involutive.

For more on the methodology, please contact us.