Financial Monitoring of Ventures

Dexter offers the best monitoring, analysis and auditing of monthly income and expenses, in relation to accounting and tax standards of a real estate project.

The goal is to leave the finances of the civil work up to date concerning the proper organization and management of income and expenses, in order to avoid any surprises along the realization of the project.

The product results in the emission of a monthly report that allows all information gathered to lead the correct conduct financially, legally and fiscally of the enterprise.

The following activities are part of the scope of this service:

• Monitoring the cash flow of the construction of the enterprise object of contract;
• Analysis of sales by developers, giving his opinion on the adequacy of the correct amounts to be transferred to the client, validating the conditions that will facilitate the payment of the loan;
• Inform the customer of the conditions and irregularities eventually found in the commitments of purchase and sale signed by the developer, as well as monitor their settlement;
• Preparation of a monthly report to the client on sales and financial position;
• Verification of cancellations, analysis, renegotiations and compositions of debt, with its favorable opinion or not;
• Analysis of payments and receipts of the developer, recommending inclusion or exclusion of receivables;

• Monitoring, verification and informing about the tax and fiscal compliance of the civil work and the developer;
• Analysis of the report of the physical and financial progress of the civil work, as well as the actual payment to suppliers.