Our History

With two decades in the market, Dexter is currently one of the references in national civil engineering consultancy. To reach this level, it took years and years of dedication and effort. Learn a little more about our history:

1992 - Dexter is created by civil engineers Mario J. B. Molari and Marcelo B. Molari with a focus on construction management.

1993 - The company enters the market in Real Estate Valuation, Feasibility Studies and Civil Works Audit, taking advantage with the process of outsourcing of these services by most banks.

1994 - Creation and early feeding process of database with information of buildings evaluated, called "DEXTER SYS", the best software tool developed at the time, which created a paradigm shift and a landmark in the transformation of the market.

1995 - Starts the use of digital photographs in order to feed the database.

1996 - Dexter begins offering technical and legal advice in order to assist clients in the design, analysis and implementation of financial plans relating to all transactions of commercial properties, including assistance in funding programs for construction and renovations.

2000 - From the consolidation of the database, GEOIMÓVEL project starts, thus creating the largest information platform of real estate in the country

2002 - Begins to provide construction management services in order to ensure, through the control of the civil work, the best result for the undertaking, to achieve goals regarding the product and obtain preliminary information alowing analysis on deadlines and financial results.

2006 - Starts financial monitoring service of civil works.

2008 - Enters the national market as agent of civil works of debêntures.

2009 - Starts the civil work audit service, having as its main customers Gafisa, Tenda and Cosil.

2010 - Starts the implementation of the Quality Management System of the company.

2011 - Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management System for Product of Civil Work Audit.

2012 - Starts the process of Valuation Certification Online, in partnership with GEOIMÓVEL, information platform covering approximately 300 Brazilian cities, containing technical data of the undertakings among photographs, designs, construction companies, business developers, monitoring inventory and speeds of property sales in the major Brazilian capitals.

2013 - Starts the service of Real Estate Consulting, Golden Tulip Fund being its first partner.